What is Testosterone & What Is Its Main Function?


 testosterone-molecules-1A hormone that is highly demanded amongst members of the older population. Testosterone is defined as a hormone that stimulates the development of male sexual characteristics. This is often found within the testes of the male. However, testosterone can develop within the ovaries of a female.

Testosterone grows at a high rate during puberty. During this time of development, a male will notice facial hair growth, a deeper voice and muscle development/recovery.

There are unhealthy and illegal methods to obtain testosterone. Steroids such as HGH can boost a user’s testosterone but the controversy behind it. Steroids that “boost T-levels” can often bring a multitude of negative side effects.

However, natural forms of testosterone boosting methods are available. These methods are proven to boost the T-levels in males. All it takes is a methodical and scheduled exercise plan, health diet and a positive change in lifestyle.

We will discuss the usages of testosterones and reasons why it is one of the most demanded hormones in the market. If one is looking for a proper guide of testosterone, this is the place.


Types of Testosterone

Testosterone occurs in levels.

As the average male ages, the testosterone levels drop at a gradual rate.

Testosterone levels peak during the end of puberty and begins to drop once the male reaches the age of 40.

Psychologically, testosterone can affect the mindset and the personalities of males. Men with lower testosterone are depressed.


High Level Testosterone

High levels of testosterone promote great health amongst men. With a high level of testosterone, the muscles can recover quickly, reduction of heart failure and high blood pressure.

Risky behavioral traits such as smoking and aggression correlate with high testosterone

Make sure to check with a local doctor or physician. They are specialized and trained in testing and finding the testosterone levels in their clients. Doing this will ensure proper testosterone maintenance.


Low Level Testosterone

The average testosterone range is at around 300-1000 ng/dL.

When the levels reach below this threshold, then the T levels are low. This is a common deficit that can occur in one’s lifestyle. If the T levels are low, there are certain methods used to place it back to normal levels.

Common symptoms of low T levels are:


Low sex drive

Testosterone takes part in a male’s libido. A drop-in T can cause a male’s sexual attraction to women decrease dramatically. Other factors such as emotions and hormonal changes will also occur during this drop.


Hair loss

Testosterone also plays a role in the growth of hair. With a low level of T, hair loss occurs. Ensure that the proper need of vitamins and maintenance of the hair are used daily to prevent hair loss.


Low semen volume

Testosterone aids in the production of semen which is the milky fluid that aids in sperm. This means that men with lower T levels are more likely to produce less semen.


Fatigue & low energy

Men with low levels of T are more likely to get fatigued easier. If unable to find the motivation to work or exercise, then that is a common symptom of fatigue. Always try to exercise or complete a goal daily to continue to keep the energy in a positive motion.


Decreasing bone mass

Testosterone also produces the bone mass in males. Men of older age often receive bone loss due to the lack of testosterone in their bodies. To combat this, eat and exercise in a healthy manner to promote strong bones in the body.


Muscle mass loss

As men age, the muscles begin to wane. Low T males will experience a huge drop in muscle mass and strength. It is recommended to stay in a constant state of exercise to prevent the loss of muscles.


Mood changes

Mood swings occur frequently. With the lack of testosterone in a male’s body, the mood will undergo multiple changes in their mood.



A low T has made it possible for the male to have less sex. Infertility occurs in men with low T. However, this can be fixed through the way making sure T levels is properly checked annually.

Due to this, low levels of testosterone are detrimental and is a problem amongst men. With low testosterone, men will find themselves more likely to become depressed.

There are a few methods that can be used to help gain normal levels.


Weight Gain

Testosterone regulates the mechanisms and metabolism of males. Men with low T are more likely to become physically out of shape and less active. Through exercise, and proper nutrition the testosterone levels can rise.


How to Regain Testosterone Levels

There are natural methods of treating testosterone.

While T-levels can drop through age, the levels can be regained.



One way to fix low T levels is through exercise. Strength training should be used for the development of muscles and body recovery. Exercise weekly because it will keep the body in a constant state of motion and energy.

Studies show that men who engage in exercise are more likely to have higher levels of testosterone. T levels increase when the body’s muscles are exposed to stress. In fact, younger males who exercise are known to have the highest levels of T.


Proper Food and Nutrition

Eating a healthy diet will help improve the body. Without vitamins, the body is unable to function.  Food consists of healthy vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Iron keeps the body in shape.

Take count of the calories that is taken daily. Food can become detrimental to one’s health after their daily recommended calorie intake is exceeded.   Testosterone’s importance as a health component that builds muscle, increases overall sexual health, and makes sexual experiences and the drive to have them more frequent and better cannot be overstated.  Without testosterone, an important piece of what makes males, male, is lost and can be difficult to recover by other means.  Using a solution that is healthy without losing too much financially or health wise can be a challenge.

In conclusion, testosterone is a hormone that is a supplement to the growth to the male body. High levels of testosterone can be achieved through strength training. In addition, a proper diet is beneficial in that it helps the body fight off diseases.


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